New Year’s Resolutions

We come now to the close of our Christmas celebration with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, celebrated this year on Monday, January 8. What a glorious celebration it has been for the Cathedral parish family! We have been blessed to have so many people participate in our liturgies for this Christmas season. It would be impossible not to have been inspired and uplifted by the joy, the love and the hope that this season brings to our hearts, our families and our world. It is my fervent prayer that these special gifts of Christmas will be experienced by all of you throughout this year of 2018. Sadly, all too many people are filled with anxiety and fear as they go about their lives each day and these feelings can all too often blind us to the beauty of God’s loving presence constantly at work in our lives. We must look more often to the Lord himself, Emmanuel, God with us, as our source of life and grace, as the only way to know true and lasting happiness, fulfillment, joy and peace in our lives each day. God’s love, given to us in Jesus Christ, has conquered evil and sin, hatred and selfishness, and every darkness that afflicts human life. Look to the Lord. Open your hearts in daily prayer. Come to Mass more frequently. Read the Scriptures. Become more involved in the parish. These are the real resolutions for this new year that will change your lives!