We must turn to God in the face of evil

Our hearts go out to the victims of the senseless acts of terrorism and violence that have taken place in London over these past few weeks. There is no other description for what took place than the face of evil broke into our lives once again. We stand in solidarity with all those whose lives have been so brutally taken, along with their families and loved ones, and with all victims of terrorism throughout the world. We must pray fervently for God’s grace and peace to fill the hearts of his people and that the power of God’s love will do what seems to be impossible for us. We pray that the Almighty One himself will bring healing, reconciliation, harmony and concord to all God’s people and to put an end to hatred, violence and the tragic extremism in the name of religion that has brought so much destruction to so many people. Radical fundamentalist extremism has twisted the truth and does not reflect the wisdom of a religion that is founded on God’s law and his love – truths that we have been given by God himself. Those who twist the truth and change the laws of God for their own evil purposes will be judged accordingly at the throne of the King.

In the face of so much evil and hatred, we can become paralyzed and wonder what can we possibly do. The first response is clear: we must turn to God more and more often in these days. We take to heart the message of Our Lady at Fatima who pleaded with us to offer our trials and difficulties for the conversion of sinners. We can be beacons of mercy and kindness, helping the light to dispel the darkness in our own corner of the world. Let us remember the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln who in the darkness of the Civil War was asked by someone fighting against slavery if he thought God was on their side. President Lincoln said very thoughtfully, “It isn’t a matter of whether God is on our side; the only thing that matters is if we are on God’s side.” We stand in the confidence of our faith that God has defeated death, darkness, sin and death once and for all in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior. Now it is for us to stand on God’s side and be those who seek each day to bring the truth of God’s Holy Word, the light of his love, and the power of divine grace into the hearts of all people around us and into the world. We do that by standing with God, by praying fervently, by living rightly and justly as we have been taught by Jesus himself.