The Shooting Rampage in Las Vegas

Our prayers and sympathies go out to all the victims of the most recent shooting rampage in Las Vegas last evening. We lift up in prayer those who have died and their families, as well as the many who have been injured. We pray for the community of Las Vegas as they struggle to make sense out of this horrific tragedy. The face of evil and sin can raise its ugly head anytime, anywhere and when it does our security and safety, as well as a sense of justice, are shattered. For a brief moment the force of hatred destroys innocent human life and mars the bonds of unity that so typically join us together in our nation and our communities. We grieve with those shot and wounded so senselessly. But we also see the light of goodness and human compassion in those brave men and women who race to the scene and put their own lives at risk for others: the law enforcement personnel, medical personnel, and so many good Samaritans who simply jump in and do whatever they can to help their neighbors in need. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops reminded us today: “In the end, the only response is to do good – for no matter what the darkness, it will never overcome the light.” Let us each commit ourselves to prayer. Pray for those whose died and those whose lives are now shattered by violence. Pray for peace, healing and reconciliation for our nation and all our citizens. Pray that God will bring the dead safely home to life in his Kingdom. Pray that each of us might always strive to do good, to bring light, love, kindness and unity. May be filled with hope and strength as we reflect on the words from Saint John’s gospel as he reminds us of the power of Jesus Christ: “In him was life and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”