It can’t be politics as usual anymore

Sadly there continues to be so much hostility, anger and hatred towards President Trump and his administration nearly a year after the election. Some continue to try to do anything they can to undermine the work of the government and seek ways to challenge the legitimacy of his administration. Democracy rests on the voice of the people; the people voted in November and elected President Trump to the highest office in our land. Despite cries of the Russians meddling in the election, or then FBI director Comey’s surprise announcement, or any other number of excuses being put forward, the will of the people has been expressed and verified. Regardless of whether you like him or not, President Trump is the legitimate President of the United States of America. That some of our legislators continue to reject this fact with such vitriol and hatred is a scandal. We need to get over politics as usual – the bickering, partisanship, division and real hostility. The members of Congress have been elected to do the job of governing; they are responsible for working with our duly elected leaders for the good of the people. Yes there will always be different values and priorities for our political parties, even a different vision of life between people in our country. But there is a great deal at stake when we consider what is facing our country: a health care system that is failing, infrastructure that needs serious attention, tax reform codes that have to be changed to benefit every day Americans and the business community in our country, judges that need to be appointed, and the list goes on. For Catholics we have grave concerns about the issues related to the protection needed for the unborn and the sanctity of every human life, the protection to practice our religious beliefs without penalty and persecution, the protection of the nature of marriage as God designed it to be, and the care we must give to the poor and marginalized. I for one applaud the appointment of the Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch – one of President Trump’s campaign promises that I believe was the reason he captured the majority of the Catholic vote in this election. We need to move behind partisan politics as usual and demand that our elected officials do the work for which they have been elected: governance of our country for the common good. We need to return to true statesmanship in our country, where opposing parties can work together and find ways to address problems positively and effectively. We do not need politics as usual. Whether someone likes him or not is mute; he is our duly elected President. How much easier it is to pass the back, to point fingers, to jockey for position and blame the other side for all the problems and issues facing our country. Sadly it seems that many members of the Congress simply have chosen to be obstructionists and not legislators. Isn’t it about time that those we have entrusted to leadership begun to act like true leaders? If they can’t then its time for a change for a number of the members of Congress.