Respect Life Group

The Church raises its voice for those who are unable to speak for themselves. The right to life, respected from conception to natural death, has become a right seriously threatened in a world that speaks much about rights. The Saint Paul Cathedral Parish has long taken its witness to life and the promotion of a culture of life seriously. We have a parish bulletin board which is maintained by a lay member of the parish community which alerts us both important and interesting information about this most important matter. We sponsor a bus to the annual March for Life in Washington DC where we both pray, protest and lobby against the injustice of legal abortion. We also encourage participation in the annual Life Chain in October. In addition, we participate in the 40 Days for Life Campaign, which runs in both the fall and the spring and seeks to target spiritual attention against abortion in an organized, peaceful, and prayerful way.

We are open to additional ways of keeping attention paid to the least of these among us, the unborn. We are also open to doing more to raise awareness about the growing threat of euthanasia. We ask for your prayers for this apostolate in our parish and your help in this holy cause.  Please contact our parish if you would like more information about this work at 412-621-4951.