Race and Reconciliation Dialogue Group

“If you want peace, work for justice.”
…Pope Paul VIrrec logo

Open to all the people of Saint Paul Cathedral Parish to help the parish embrace the opportunities and challenges of Pope John Paul II in his Jubilee call to Spiritual Revitalization and Social Justice.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Race and Reconciliation Dialogue Group of Saint Paul Cathedral Parish is the promotion of a just society, human dignity and equality for all people before God and one another. Our goal is to promote unity among diverse races and cultures, facilitated by prayerful reflection, education, dialogue and socialization.

Initial Motivation Formed in response to the 1996 Pastoral Letter of Bishop Donald Wuerl “Confronting Racism Today” (reissued and revised in 1999) challenging us to embrace diversity and see racism for the sin it is.


  • Special Presentations in conjunction with other Parishes, Churches, Synagogues, and other Houses of Worship.
  • Sunday Afternoon Forum Series with knowledgeable Pittsburgh area speakers and response panels presenting ideas and opinion followed by questions and discussion.
  • Brief columns in the Parish Bulletin informing parishioners of happenings in the areas of race and reconciliation.
  • Occasional large lectures with important national speakers.
  • Exploration with other groups of a Parish Newsletter.
  • Spiritual retreats built around social justice issues.
  • A parish celebration of diversity.
  • Development of parish greeters to welcome people to Mass, to the parish and to opportunities for taking part in parish life.

Steering Committee 

This committee develops the general programs and activities of the Race and Reconciliation Dialogue Group.

Communication Committee

The Mission of the Communications Committee is to develop and implement a plan to publicize the work of the group; to focus on giving visibility to the events and programs of the group; to work with the Parish Bulletin and Web Site Committees; to assist in the development of flyers and newsletters that address the activities of the group for the Parish.

Forum Committee

This committee is charged with the responsibility of organizing and presenting the Sunday Afternoon Forum Series.

Greeters Committee

This committee is responsible for training and coordinating a group of volunteer greeters at Parish functions.

We Need Your Involvement

We are searching for new ideas/programs to increase the vitality and interest of parishioners in Justice and Reconciliation. If you have suggestions or wish to join please contact a member of the organizing committee.