Communion and Liberation

Communion and Liberation (CL) is what is called an “ecclesial movement,” which is a way of  saying that it is a particular way of living and experiencing Christ in the Church which has helped people live their faith, so they have shared it with others.

CL was founded in the 1950s when an Italian priest, Fr. Luigi Giussani, noticed that his high school students had separated their faith from the rest of their lives.  Fr. Guissani proposed faith and reality as a unity, because Christ has something to say about everything.  The aim of this movement is to propose an encounter with Christ as the response to the deepest needs of the human heart in every moment of history, and to work to verify this claim through experience.  School of Community is name for the meetings where we work to do this (typically aided by books written by Fr. Guissani).  Pope Emeritus Benedict has continually expressed his esteem for this movement, and he celebrated the funeral Mass for Father Giussani before he was elected Pope in February 2005. Pope Francis has also expressed his esteem for this Movement.

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