Notre Dame Cathedral

Our hearts are heavy today as we see the damage of the fire raging in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. So many are commenting on the loss of a architectural and artistic masterpiece, along with the treasures of art that it housed. Surely there is a sense of loss over these things. But how devastating it must be for those who come to Notre Dame for worship and prayer. Above all this Cathedral is a house of prayer, built and sustained by the sacrifices of many believers over centuries. It was an immense love for God, a desire to bring praise and glory to his name, deep faith in Jesus Christ, and a belief in the holy Catholic Church that led to this Cathedral rising from the earth in the first place and being sustained over all these years. We think of all the Masses celebrated and sacraments dispensed over so many generations. We think of the lives touched and transformed by the power of God’s grace made present in the life of that faith community. We draw close to the faithful of the Notre Dame parish family, and the faithful of the Archdiocese of Paris, who have lost their spiritual home. It is especially sad as we prepare to celebrate the sacred mysteries of Holy Week that culminate in our Easter celebration. We hold them close to our hearts in prayer.