Social and Pastoral Outreach

Social and Pastoral Outreach

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand, the story that all four gospel writers convey of Jesus’ miraculous power, clearly shows us the way our partnership with God enables us to be the hands and feet of Christ on earth. The young boy has only five barley loaves and two fish to offer. Jesus takes them, offers thanks to the father, and distributes them to the people. As the Director of Social and Pastoral Outreach, it is my goal to aid the Cathedral parish in uniting our gifts to offer to the heavenly Father. Each of us only needs to thankfully give what we have, as Jesus did. The Father will bless our gifts and return them to us so that we can be the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

As we build an outreach structure to integrate throughout parish life, we form service teams to address the needs of vulnerable and marginalized persons on multiple levels. We work at creating and sustaining an environment where parishioners will easily be able to offer their particular gifts to serve in specific areas. As the parishioners of Saint Paul Cathedral, we join all of our talents and abilities with the guidance of our Father, in ministry to those we serve. We all have something to give, no matter how small. I look forward to walking with you as we go out into the world, advancing the mission entrusted to us by Jesus himself.

Volunteer Network:

We are excited to help you become part of the volunteer network already engaged here at the Cathedral. Several wonderful people contribute in so many different ways to build, strengthen, and support the people and programs of our parish family. Won’t you join us? We will help you find the organization that best matches your schedule and interests. Here’s how the process works:


  1. Complete the Volunteer Registration Form.
  2. The Director of Social and Pastoral Outreach will connect you with your organization of interest and send you compliance information.
  3. Apply for clearances and register to attend a workshop.


We are here to help make it happen for you. We look forward to you joining the team. If you have questions or concerns at any time, please contact the cathedral office, or:


St. Paul Cathedral Food Bank:

We are happy to offer a nutritional pantry bag to all registered members on a monthly basis.

  • Pantry Requirements: residency within the 15213 zip code, proof of income eligibility, valid photo ID.
  • Pantry Location: Saint Paul Cathedral Social Hall (one floor below the main church)
  • Pantry is Open: every Tuesday between 10am and 2pm
  • Pantry Registration: schedule appointment with Director of Social and Pastoral Outreach
  • Supported primarily by donations from the parish (food and financial)
  • Emergency food pantry as needed, taking referrals from agencies

Parish Giving Tree:

The Annual Giving Tree provides toys and financial support for various agencies in our community. These partnerships allow us to help provide a meaningful Christmas holiday for those experiencing financial difficulties, housing or food insecurity, or employment challenges. For this project, the parish has joined with: St. Joseph House of Hospitality (offers housing and support services for senior men), Jubilee Association (all are welcome in this environment which encourages self-reliance and improvement), and the DHS Holiday Project (serves local children whose families are receiving services because of child maltreatment).

Information and Referral for Support Services:

  • Provided by the Director of Social and Pastoral Outreach
  • Resources for various kinds of assistance: spiritual support, housing, utilities, healthcare, women’s services, crisis, and employment.

Ladies of Charity:

  • Welcomes women of all ages from St. Paul Cathedral Parish
  • Members meet monthly at the Cathedral
  • Sponsors the following ministries and activities:  Ministry of Prayer, Visiting the Homebound and those in Nursing Homes, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Sewing Baptismal Robes, Winter Clothing Drives, Annual Retreat for Women, and the Mass with the Anointing of the Sick.

Current Fundraisers:

Kathedral Konfections is a new fundraising project organized by a group of volunteers at Saint Paul Cathedral. We will be making a delicious peanut brittle that will be sold in time or Christmas this year. All proceeds will be used to support our Building a Future of Hope Campaign, particularly our project to renovate the Synod Hall Building. It is our hope that the Synod Hall building can become our pastoral center, upgraded with accessibility including an elevator, heating ands air conditioning, and office and meeting space for the parish center. We will be taking orders for the peanut brittle in late October and November for delivery of the candy in early December, in time for the Charismas season. This first season will offer a limited run of our delicious brand of peanut butter so the orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis until the peanut brittle is gone. So order early and help us on our efforts to support this important project of our Saint Paul cathedral parish. Please click here to download the order form.