Liturgical Ministries

Lay people take an active part in worship at the Cathedral. Young and old serve as acolytes (altar servers), lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, cantors, choir members, instrumentalists, song leaders, and ushers. Others contribute time and talent by planning and organizing the liturgy… by keeping the church, its vessels and vestments clean and in good order… and by providing decorations that reflect the feasts and seasons of the Church’s year.

Those who serve in ministries must know how to fulfill their roles with reverence, dignity, and understanding. The Cathedral provides special training for all who have been approved for liturgical ministries.

We encourage you to consider your gifts, prayerfully reflect on God’s call, and speak to one of the parish priests. Those who wish to serve in our worship must first be found eligible by the pastor and then must receive the proper training. All who serve in liturgical ministries must also comply with the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Safe Environment policies.