Sunday Masses

Catholics on Pittsburgh’s East End are blessed with several churches in the area with a wide variety of Sunday Mass options. For your convenience, we have built this combined schedule of Sunday Masses at the following local parishes:

• Saint Paul Cathedral
• Pittsburgh Oratory (University Center, Oakland)
• St. Bede Parish (Oakland)
• St. Regis Parish (Oakland)
• Sacred Heart Parish (Shadyside)
• St. Rosalia Parish (Greenfield)

Saturday Vigil 4:00 PM Saint Regis Church
4:00 PM Pittsburgh Oratory
4:00 PM St. Rosalia Parish
5:15 PM Pittsburgh Oratory
6:00 PM Saint Paul Cathedral
6:00 PM Sacred Heart Parish
Sunday 6:30 AM Saint Paul Cathedral
8:00 AM Saint Paul Cathedral Televised Mass
8:00 AM Sacred Heart Parish
9:00 AM Pittsburgh Oratory
9:30 AM Sacred Heart Parish
10:00 AM Saint Paul Cathedral
10:00 AM Saint Regis Church
11:00 AM Pittsburgh Oratory
11:00 AM Saint Rosalia Parish
11:30 AM Sacred Heart Parish
12:00 PM Saint Paul Cathedral Choir Mass
12:00 PM Saint Regis Church Spanish Mass
4:00 PM Pittsburgh Oratory
6:00 PM Saint Paul Cathedral
7:45 PM Sacred Heart Parish
9:00 PM Pittsburgh Oratory