My new hero

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is my new hero. Standing in for President Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night, Sarah was subjected to the rantings of a bully, a supposed comic Michelle Wolf, who could barely raise a smile from those in attendance. That was no comedy, or tongue in cheek parody. Let’s make no mistake about it – it doesn’t matter which political party you belong to or whether you like Sarah Huckabee Sanders or not. This was pure, hate-filled vitriol – delivered in the name of “fun.” It seems that many in the press and on the left find it acceptable to criticize a woman for her looks, or to humiliate her family, all in the name of “fun” or “jokes.” Interestingly, that’s not the same standard they use for most women, only those who come from a particular point of view. In the name of freedom of the press and the right to free expression, some people were celebrating bullying, vulgarity, and hatred. No mother, or wife, or mother should be subject to what Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced on Saturday evening. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t bristle if that had been their grandmother, mother, wife or mother. It is a sad day for America!

That she could sit through this angry attack on human decency and take one for the President is way beyond the call of duty for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It speaks to her inner beauty as a person, her moral integrity, her love for her country and her desire to serve nobly. I admire her beyond measure, because honestly I would have left the dias last night. However, it was a sad day for our country, for politics, for human decency and for moral integrity. I pray that most parents had the sense to shield their children from such a display of pure anger and hatred. It is never acceptable, for any reason, for any Christian to spew such hatred for any other person. It contradicts all that we are and what we truly believe. Love your enemy. Pray for those who persecute you. This teaching of Jesus is true wisdom but sadly is lacking in so many hearts and in the heart of our country. I am inspired by the perseverance, the courage, the integrity and desire to serve our country that marks the life of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You go girl and don’t let anyone stand in your way! God’s blessings to you and to your family – there are many in our country who thank you for your selfless service.