The Cathedral Parish, in conjunction with the Oratory, annually has one of the larger RCIA classes in the diocese.  We welcome those who are curious about the Catholic Faith, as well as those who are seriously considering becoming a Catholic and who are either unbaptized or who are baptized in another Christian Community, and who seek full communion with the Church.  Those who were baptized as a child but who have not been confirmed are also welcome to participate.  In addition to highly qualified teachers, from the Cathedral or the Oratory, we have a solid team who year to year assists the inquirers as they seek to make a decision about whether Christ is drawing them to His Church.

There is certainly no commitment from the beginning to become part of the Church, but as the year, (which begins in September and concludes with Easter), progresses, we gradually seek to determine if the candidate considers themselves ready to embrace Catholicism in its fullness at Easter.

While learning the Faith is really the work of a lifetime, we take a systematic approach to teaching the Creed, the Sacraments and the moral teachings of the Church, while remaining continually grounded in prayer and the Sacred Scriptures, which we connect to by reflecting each week on the upcoming Sunday’s readings.  We also propose the culture of the Church, in an organic way over the course of the year.

Please contact our parish office at 412-621-4951 for more information about this program.