OUR PARISH PROGRAM OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION now has a new “FAMILY FORMAT.”   We invite all our families in the parish to consider gathering for five Sundays of the years.  These gatherings are for all families with children in any form of religious education: Catholic school, parish religious education program or home-schooling.   These family-format faith formation sessions are held at the cathedral social hall – the lower level of the cathedral.

The  five family gatherings for parents and children for this year are as follows:

Sunday, October 19, 2014 Focus: The Family and Faith

Sunday, December 7, 2014              Focus: Advent

Sunday January 25, 2015 Focus: St. Paul

Sunday March 1, 2015                        Focus: Lent and Holy Week

Sunday April 19, 2015


The usual format is:

10:15 am         gather at the social hall – welcome

10:30 am         presentation to all

10:45 am         special presentations for parents and children according to age level

11:15 am         family project

11:45 am         closing prayer and transition to Sunday Mass in church

12:00 noon      families and students are seated up front as a group.

Students may have special roles in the liturgy.

These family-format sessions seek to enrich the catechetical experience of every child and to help the parents to be the best and first teachers of their children in faith.   Gathering together in this way also helps parents and children to be conscious of parish identity.


PARENTS are asked to make arrangements for their children’s religious education by their enrollment at a Catholic school or parish religious education program.   Parents may also choose the option of home-schooling their children.

FIRST SACRAMENTS AND CONFIRMATION: Parents are reminded that diocesan guidelines require that all children receiving sacraments must have at least two years of catechetical instruction prior to receiving First Penance and First Holy Communion (so children must attend classes regularly in first and second grade) and the Sacrament of Confirmation (regular attendance at class is required for 7th and 8th grade). The pastor has the responsibility to determine a candidate’s readiness to receive the sacraments and this obligation for catechetical instruction is a serious one. In addition, it is expected that parents will be taking their children to Mass on Sunday on a regular basis. It makes no sense to receive the sacraments, or to receive catechetical instruction, if our families are not attending Mass and receiving the sacraments regularly.

Students will receive preparation for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation in their Catholic school or weekly religious education program or home-schooling program.   There will be additional preparation gatherings here at the cathedral.   Parents and students will meet with Father Stubna to assess readiness to receive the sacraments.

Parents should note that the celebrations of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation are to be at St. Paul Cathedral – since this is the home parish for registered families.


For more information on the cathedral’s Family Catechesis and Sacramental Preparation, please contact Father Mark Thomas at 412-621-4951 x13 or