We pray for the soul of former First Lady BARBARA BUSH and hold her family in our prayers. Mrs. Bush served our country in numerous capacities, always with a sense of humor and great wit, and with kindness and true compassion for others. Her love for her husband over the past 76 years and her love for her family was an inspiration for so many. We salute her patriotism, her incredible efforts promoting child and adult literacy in our country. I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Bush on several occasions, the first time as a seminarian at the North American College, and was always struck by her dignity, grace, humility and real concern for everyone she met. She had a way of making you feel important and special and that was part of her charm. She was a woman who loved God and had strong Christian faith, who loved her family and cared deeply for our country and helping others. May she rest in peace.

Our hearts and prayers go out as well in these days to the family of BRUNO SAMMARTINO. Bruno emigrated from Pizzoferrato, Italy at the age of 15 and settled in South Oakland. His family was active at St. Regis Parish. Two markers were erected welcoming people to South Oakland with the names of Dan Marino and Andy Warhol and in 2016 Bruno’s name was added to those markers and he said proudly at the time, “Everything happened from here for me.” He loved God, his family, his community and his neighbors. I had the joy of meeting him a number of times and was always struck by his humility and grace despite his fame. He loved Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh loved Bruno. May he rest in peace.